Myths you had about a medical student


Lend me your attention. I hate myths, I love facts. When writing this post, I may refer to medical students only. At the back of your mind, I mean anyone doing a medical related course.

Many a time people have had myths about medical students. Myths that must be scrapped off. They must be buried and forgotten. But wait, why? Because a medical student is the same as any other student.

  1. Medical students are geniuses. Brother, you got it wrong. I find mathematics and physics courses demanding for more space in the grey matter than medicine.
  2. Medical students come from well off families. Its only fate that landed them there. Not riches.
  3. Medical students are perpetual smokers and drinkers. To some extent, yes. But every Tom, Dick and Harry is liable to abusing drugs.
  4. Boys doing medicine love girls and sex. Hey girl, shut up and accept the meme you say that all men are the same.
  5. Girls doing medicine love money. This one calls for a debate.
  6. A medical student is always busy reading. Absolutely wrong. The good thing about medicine is concept. What will keep you reading is whatever you are not interested in.
  7. A medical student never gets below 80% in exams. Did you know that marks are not plucked on trees? Wait till you see staggering grades of your medic friend.
  8. Medical students stay in school forever. Ladies give birth even before completing school, and start families. Don’t be cheated.
  9. Medical students are introverts. Maybe the friends you have are introverts. I love my classmates because they are outgoing. You will never miss them in parties.
  10. Medical students observe a healthy lifestyle. Actually, the patients do well than physicians when it comes to healthy diet and behaviors.

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