Med school is never smooth

Since my childhood, I ever wanted to be a doctor. It was my father’s footsteps that I chose to follow. At my second class, I posed for a photo, donned in my school uniform with a plastic smile on my face, carrying a huge medical book. I could not fathom it’s contents but I do now.
Then came high school, where education was pushed inside you with a hypodermic needle of learning. I loved biology. I though medicine was just biology and nothing else. After completing my fourth grade, I was given a chance to study my dream career, which am finding hard to handle. Not because I don’t have content, but because I never have the chance to write what I read for. During my three years, this is what I have realized.
1. Med school is more than the basic biology. You meet mathematics, the difficult chemistry, and even Information Technology.
2. Time is always available. The slogan that time is not there is long faded. It only depends on your priorities.
3. The notes on the first, last and at the corners of the pages are the once set in exams.
4. That which you ignore will always be set in exams.
5. You will read and have the knowledge but you will never please the examiner.
6. If you don’t know you don’t know.
7. It’s right to help a friend during an exam but intelligently. He might be a better doctor after doing masters in what he likes.
8. Doing a supplementary might be a norm, but rewinding the class might send you into a comma.
9. good doctors are those who spent many years in med school, so do not worry if you remain behind.
10. Doctors are not well paid. use your mind to get at the top.

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