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Ahem. Is everything ready? I’ve got a whole bunch of emotions to project now. Let’s start.

Once upon a time, when I was born in this creepy, large and harmful world, I never knew what I would land into. All things seemed the same, I was very naïve about life. I passed through early childhood school, scooping awards not knowing where they were leading me to. Then came this time when I had to graduate from childhood to bigger childhood. Yes. My primary school.

Have you ever had a chance to learn in a public school? Where you fend for yourself, you hustle for transport means amidst of the not so busy Kisumu traffic? You are passed by private cars, shuttles and school vans and buses of those in private schools? Sometimes you walk in the sun and beat the rain just to quench the thirst for education? Suddenly a few lead this life. But among the few, they understand what is meant by suffering for the better. I managed to meander through up to my eighth grade, not managing to appear in the newspaper as my allies did. What next? Another level of graduation to serious adulthood. Secondary school life.

Boarding school life was one of my dreams that Maranda High School gave me. Trust me. I know what is meant by struggling through brave and sharp minds to the pinnacle of the list. The top is meant for chosen few but still it means no crime to lure them leave you the place just for a bite. The four years were like a standstill of time. I don’t know whether someone held the clock and made it go reverse. From dust, I still managed to beat my way through, not so good though but my primary school dream of being in the newspaper came through. Never mind that. Then the best and worst part came. I graduated to eldership, yes! Campus life.

Someone told me there is a lot of freedom in campus. I agreed with him. It was my loving Dad. A serious parent never lets their children go to campus without advice, although they say it, guys just listen and say “Tumezoea kuambiwa” (we are used to being told). It’s not bad, even the Bible quoted, remind them even if they know. I am still stuck here. My dream of being a doctor will one day come true, and I will continue with this piece until I graduate again to working hood.

Folks, remember that God never lets you down. Those challenges you face are for your own good. Nobody will hold them for you. But above all, never give up. Trust in yourself, in your efforts, for you will see through your ambitions.

8 thoughts on “DOCTOR’S CRY

  1. C’mon Dr.Okto..I never knew you were such a great writer…better than me…well the article flows….
    Mmmh..You just confirmed your gradeA in english was not stolen


  2. Its very interesting seeing such a piece of art. It does not matter what Political post I have in the Government, but I must recognise this. You will live to fulfil your dream.


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