Pile of medical books

It comes a time when a medical student must stoop low and do whatever brought them to school. Put away all the luxury and extra times you have. Run away from your friends and revert to an introvert for a week. Exam fever plays a good role. I just realized this this week. I had a lot to go through. First of all we have to go for three semesters to end the academic year. The whole programme runs for six years. Those are eighteen ¬†semesters. Now convert that to a commoner who takes two semesters to complete an academic year, and takes four years in campus. That brings me to taking nine years in campus. That is twice and even much than the normal people. I am not bragging, but that’s the truth of the matter.

Exam fever!! You have the term squeezed, leave alone the lots of topics you have to cover in a day. It is only in the medical school that you read a whole book of twenty chapters each with ten sub-chapters with sub-chapters too only for a cat, and twice as much for an end-term exam. Then multiply that by eight units you do in a term, and twenty four for the work load in a year because you have to do an end year exam covering all the things you learned. You are not done yet! You have a final exam at the end of your six years, you have not yet started earning! Who on earth would opt for that? Only the tough guys. There is always an option of repeating a class if you can’t make it to the 50% mark.

Respect the doctors you see around. Give them what they deserve. Trust them with your lives and get the quality you need in return. Don’t deny them their hard-earned salary lest they go away.

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