Do ladies get fat because of having sex? This is a myth that many of us has had. From my own observations, I can stand to defend myself. I want to tell you why it is a myth.

One reason why people never fathom this is because of the lack of knowledge in digestion physiology. They argue that sperms are major source of proteins for the lady and base their reasoning behind this. Let us look at it keenly. After ejaculation, some sperms leak out of the female tract. Others are stored in the fornix where they are viable for 3 to 5 days. Others travel through the cervix into the uterus and fallopian tube for fertilization. The remaining number is too small to cater for the protein requirement for body building. Of course I don’t advocate for that. It’s a lie. Secondly, there is no digestive mechanism for sperms in the female tract. Enzymes that digest proteins are only present in the alimentary canal. Furthermore, the ph. of vagina is about 3.8-4.5 and the optimum ph. for enzymes that digest proteins in the stomach is 2. This disqualifies it again. Even if digestion was taking place in the vagina, where would the absorption take place? Please think about this.

The protein content of sperm is very negligible with small amounts of albumin that is not even needed for body building, rather it’s a transport protein. Semen itself contain large amounts of fructose, citric acid and lipids, all that provide nutrition for the sperm to aid in motility. So the issue of sperm as a source of nutrients is vague.

During sex, research has shown that about 200 calories are used up in thirty minutes, so the frequent the amount of sex one engages in, the more calories are burnt and the more weight loss expected. This is evident that we expect a weight loss. Let us also consider those who have protected sex. There is no ejaculation inside the female tract, but there is use of calories. So no sperm deposited for the “protein source” but energy is used.

However, after sex, high amounts of hormone prolactin is released that favors weight gain in women. Not all usually reduce weight, but some may gain. I therefore say that constant sex doesn’t make a lady fat, but slimmer.

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