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No hard feelings towards The Mater Hospital and Mumias Sugar Company. But am free to express my repugnance, disenchantment, resentment and discontent on how the event was held. It all started in school. A group of students concerned approaching the dean of students for bus approval, but because of the ignorance in the department, he denies us the bus on the basis that we are on with class boycott. Who told him that we were going for fun? For God’s sake it’s a child’s heart we were going to touch. That aside please.

I started getting rumors that the event won’t be as successful as that for the previous years. Reasons being that the Mumias Sugar Company was facing some issues that would render the whole event futile. The allegations that the former manager, Dr. Evans Kidero was facing charges of corruption was the reason. What did this mean? No sponsorship for the event as they have done before, especially lunch for the institutions secured for that. It’s alright if you want to think that am gluttonous. But to some, that was the main motivation of going round the town, to friends, your enemies and relatives to collect the cash. How can you be given a profoma to collect cash out of good will, take your time to attend the event, run for miles just to motivate them and then end up in the hot sun waiting for nothing? We use blood, not fuel or solar.

The ceremony too was disorganized. From small space to few tents. No proper protocol observed, no satisfying speeches and recognition. Everything was mixed up. I wonder why this happened. They don’t give an account of how the funds are used. Pure demotivation. People sitting under the scorching sun because the chairs were few.

There was a lot of complaints about this. It’s a serious matter because the contributions will reduce the next time. The year 2014, Maseno School of Medicine contributed a whopping 150000 towards supporting a child. The year 2015, which am basing my critic on, the contribution was 88000, not a bad sum, but a declined one. Am pretty sure that if people will turn out for this event, they will only be a handful. That means a reduced contribution. It may not have impact anyway, but the truth is that they killed our morale.

I stand to rebuke them, let them kill themselves if they think I am lying. But we will continue supporting you. I am a medic anyway. I would not like to see a child die because of heart problems that can be prevented. As I wrap it up, I would like to thank all those who turned up for the event.

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