Honestly, someone needs to advice Kenyan men on how to take things seriously. I didn’t wake up and said this, I faced the wrath of ignorance. On 15th and 16th May, 2015, the African Cancer Foundation together with Faraja Cancer Support Trust held a free cancer screening event at Nakumatt Mega City in the lakeside town, Kisumu city. This targeted both sexes, with the males being screened of breast and prostate cancer, and the females’ breast and cervical cancer. Yes, its breast for males. This is one hard task I had to explain. Imagine you telling a male “Karibu free breast and prostate cancer screening for male,” and before you finish, he gets stunned. “Do men have breasts?” of course yes! Everyone has breasts. This sounded really funny but we had to persevere and convince them. I think that is one reason why the turn up was pretty low on the men’s side. Actually, I am going to quarrel men in this article. Let’s go!

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“Karibu free breast and prostate cancer screening for men,” Marcia said joyously. The gap between her teeth could be seen even in the sweltering sun, the eyes battling its reflection. But the smile got killed by one ill-informed guy. These men! I think you need to be taught more on what cancer can do to you. The man boldly said that he is clean, and knew he could not get cancer, leave alone saying that he did not have it. He walked away, looking at a banner which was at the gate and chortled in sarcasm. Seeing this, I gave up on welcoming the men.

I can say the above man was a bit respectful. One came in through the gate, donned in Chelsea shirt and a short. He had a rod which he used for support while walking. Timothy, my college at the entrance ran to welcome him in. before he reached the die-hard Chelsea fan, he got brawled at. “What are these? He said, looking at the tents. Timothy told him the expected story. “What are they doing inside there? That is a waste of time!” he concluded and limped into the supermarket to get his things done. We did not take that personal. I remained silent, just thinking of what has got into our Kenyan men.

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I faced a lot more than these. From the hurrying and busy people to the young ones doubting whether they can be victims or not. My intentions are not to judge anyone, but to strive to bring to your attention that cancer knows no man or woman. Maybe some think that it is a disease of the rich. Even if you wallow in abject poverty, you can get it. From a medical point of view, it can be inherited, there are many aspects of gene variation and mutation that would predispose someone to cancer. Wait! I just remembered. One man said that there is no reason for providing free screening without offering treatment. Let me explain this. Even the Bible said remind them even if they know. It is good to diagnoses the cancer early enough that one can spend less money managing it.

Before I wrap it up all, I would like to commend the ladies. Thank you for your great turn up. Martin Luther King Jr said, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

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  1. The society has gone into slumber,ooh ill fated men why lie in ignorance but one day it will dawn on it.Am inspired by this..Congratulations medical fraternity

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  2. Ts quite unfortunate that ignorance is bliss in Kenya…well,the global fight against cancer n other non-communicable diseases requires more than group sensitization events..the “tell a friend to tell a friend” policy would serve a great deal!!!when we all embrace the fact that health is an individual responsibility,we will win this!!!Twaz great working with you Daktari Okto.Thumbs up for this great write-up!!!#TeamBarrier😊

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